Why Hire a Private Investigators to Serve Subpoenas

Why Hire a Private Investigators to Serve Subpoenas?

There are numerous advantages to hiring private investigators to serve your subpoenas. Particularly, with last minute subpoenas, it goes doubly so. In essence, private investigators are experts in locating people and serving according to due process. They are experts in dealing with sensitive documentation and evidence.

In other words, hiring a private investigator to serve subpoenas, especially when time is of the essence, will save time and money. This is due to the fact that PIs come prepared for this kind of work and are much less likely to fail or fumble any of the important steps involved in serving legal papers.

Whereas, going with someone else could very well fail at locating the individual, or make some kind of beaurocratic mistake that might lead you to having to hire a PI anyways. Going directly to a private investigator to serve subpoenas will save your firm from this costly mistake.

Hire a PI to serve subpoenas last minute during the trial stage

As we discussed above, there can be situations and cases in which time is of the essence when serving subpoenas. For example, during some trials it’s possible for certain revelations to require the issue of a last-minuet subpoena.

A law firm can always benefit from hiring a private investigator to serve subpoenas. However, it is in this context specifically where it truly becomes a necessity.

Licensed PIs can process and serve the subpoenas, aiding the trial counsel. Additionally they can summon any given party in question to appear in court.

This particular responsiblity can be tricky. Last minute court summons can be frustrating for most, but especially so for those lwith limited free time in their lives. Private investigators are qualified to impart this information to the relevant parties, and execute the legal obligations correctly. They are also professionals, and used to dealing with these situations with subtlety and tact.

Why some individuals might avoid subpoenas

Besides leading busy lives, it is often the case that some individuals might have other reasons to want to avoid a subpoena. These services are often meant for someone who owes a debt, is beholden to some other kind of legal contract or is even a delinquent.

So, unfortunately, they may often be unwilling to accept the subpoena, even though they are legally obligated to.

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