Why do Attorneys Collaborate With Private Investigators?

There are many benefits to hiring a private investigator for an attorney. Generally speaking, the predominant benefit is that a PI will make an attorney’s life a lot easier. They help lighten attorneys’ workloads so that they can focus on their clients and the specifics of their cases.

In this article, we will be looking into how a private investigator’s specific set of skills can assist lawyers in streamlining their cases. Private investigators come from a vast range of different backgrounds. For example, police work, private security, finance and investigative journalism. This means they have skills, human and technological resources that a lawyer might not have access to. Not to mention specific experience in investigation.

How can a PI help with an attorney’s workload?

A legal investigator would often take on board some of the tasks that attorneys would do themselves. However, with their specialized and broad set of skills, they can execute these at a level that attorneys wouldn’t have themselves been trained to achieve.

A good example of this type of collaboration is in divorce cases. Private investigators often work with family lawyers on these kinds of cases:

A PI can look into various situations and circumstances to collect evidence for a case. Then prepare it for use in court. They can investigate allegations of child abuse, substance abuse around children, claims of marital misconduct, or even check for hidden assets and income.

This type of work can also involve other intense investigative activities. In asset search, for instance, PIs would need to look through financial records, vast databases and files. This process could also involve interviewing people and looking into their social media profiles. This work requires a significant amount of time to complete. Time, that for a lawyer, would be better spent building a case for their client.

Private investigators dedicate themselves to this kind of work and have access to resources that attorneys don’t. Therefore, they can complete these tasks at a faster rate and save the attorney time for their case. With this kind of assistance, they can focus on what they do best.

Evidence in court

In order to make use of evidence in court, it must be prepared for proper presentation. It needs to be eligable. How can a private investigator help acquire evidence?

In a criminal case, for example, they could help swiftly locate a witness. If said witness has important evidence or can offer a testimony a PI has various tools at their disposal to locate them.

They are able to trackdown and interview people that might know the whereabouts of this missing individual. They could also check public records for property, court filings and death certificates. Private investigators are also proficient in scouring social media for clues about a missing person. Besides all of that, they have access to national and international human resources that could assist them in this search.

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