Hiring a Private Investigator to Serve Papers in New York

Hiring a Private Investigator to Serve Papers in New York

You may ask yourself if it is necessary to hire a private investigator to serve papers in New York when you can get a process server to do the same at a cheaper rate. It is not always as simple as that. Although a process server can do the same job that does not mean they can do it effectively as a private investigator. 

A private investigator does a lot of work. As their name implies, they can find out private information about anything or anyone. They can access information that would be impossible for a process server. Because of this, private investigators are in the best position to serve papers, especially when dealing with difficult people. 

Why you should let a private investigator serve papers

Private investigators are experienced people who know the best way to serve papers. Serving papers means delivering legal documents that notify a person about legal action against them. Some people can be tricky and may try to avoid being served. A private investigator knows the best way to find, monitor, and serve such people. 

A private investigator saves you time and money in getting the job done. They can easily monitor the movement of anyone through surveillance. They know the places the person visit and the time they go there too. 

A private investigator is highly experienced and will do the job without drawing the attention of the person being served. This will ensure that the document or subpoenas gets to the right person and that they are also served legally. 

Serve Papers - finding the right person

Another advantage of hiring a private investigator is that they don’t need too much information to get started. They have access to a large database which they can use to extract other details of the person they need to serve the document or subpoenas to. 

How to know the right private investigator for your job

Knowing the right private investigator to hire can be a daunting task. There are always too many options to choose from. Here are a few things you need to know your help you narrow down the options to the best. 

  • Know what you want. As simple as this may sound, it will save you the stress of hiring the wrong private investigator. Private investigators do a lot of things. The can pull out information about someone, they can do surveillance and monitor the movement of someone and they can also be effective in serving papers. Know what you want and go for the best. 
  • Ask for a referral. You can get what you want quickly by simply asking for a referral. Someone who has a similar problem and has used the service of a private investigator can easily give you the contact to the best. 
  • Ask for their license. In New York, private investigators are required to be registered and have a license to operate. Make sure you ask for the license of a private investigator you want to work with and be sure they are genuine. Work with someone you can trust and be confident with and not someone with a history of illegal activities.
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