private investigators for child custody

Private Investigators for Child Custody

Child custody cases are complicated. They heat up fast and can involve accusations on both sides. Private investigators can help tilt a case in one direction or the other. Their use of crucial evidence can determine the outcome of said cases. They are capable of collecting and compiling such evidence with a variety of investigative techniques. Additionally, a private investigator can then use this information to prove a client’s claims.

What comprises a child custody investigation?

A child custody investigation examines a number of factors concerning the child’s well-being. Furthermore, such an investigation also takes into account the treatment of the child in question. To begin, a private investigator would assess the parents’ behavior towards the child. Upon completion, the PI would report this information to the court.

Private investigators have a number of techniques at their disposal to conduct an assessment of this nature. One such technique would be surveillance. Surveillance can provide a fairly objective and detailed picture of how parents conduct themselves around their children unsupervised. For this to work, however, the parent would have to be unaware of said surveillance in some manner. Above all, thoroughly documenting said surveillance is of vast importance for it to be admissible evidence in court.

For instance, private investigators may document this evidence with audio or visual recordings of parents interacting with their children. For example, they might document incidents of abuse or neglect with pictures, videos, or audio recordings. Examples of behavior that could have a negative impact on children that private investigators look out for can include criminal activity, substance abuse, reckless driving, gambling, and other hazardous activities. Unhygienic and/or unsafe living environments are also among the signs a PI would look out for in a child custody case, as well as, insufficient food or other forms of neglect.

Different types of child custody

Before hiring a private investigator to aid in a child custody case, it’s vastly important for a parent to understand the kind of child custody they are fighting for. For example, legal custody; pertains to the right to make legal decisions for or on behalf of a child. There is also physical custody, this is what decides which parent the child lives with. Besides these responsibilities, parents can have either sole or joint custody of the child. That is to say, sole custody means one parent holds primary responsibility for the relevant aspect of the child’s life. Whereas, mutual custody means there is a joint responsibility.

Private investigators’ responsibilities in a child custody case

A private investigator can take on various roles throughout a child custody investigation:

  • Asset search: For example finding hidden assets. Parents at times attempt to avoid their financial obligations to their child, finding evidence of this would make sure the child gets the support they are owed.
  • Gathering evidence: Before commencing an investigation a PI must determine what type of evidence and information is most relevant to the case. Planning accordingly on how to collect said information is also important. Video, audio and written correspondence can be an important aspect of said evidence.
  • Interviewing witnesses: This is an important aspect of gathering evidence. People involved in the child’s life would be the most pertinent witnesses.
  • Background checks: Investigating the people parents have involved in their child’s life is also another way to gain insight into their approach. Which would help make an assessment on whether their parenting is adequate for the child’s upbringing.

Above all, it is important to factor in the primary reason most parents hire a private investigator for a child custody case is in the interest of the child’s safety. A private investigator can help a concerned parent get to the bottom of whether the other party is unfit to be involved in the child’s upbringing. They are especially helpful in their knowledge of handling evidence and providing testimony in court. Hiring a private investigator for child custody can help bring peace of mind, knowing that the child’s best interests will be kept at the forefront of the investigation.

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