Private Investigators and Law Firms

Private Investigators and Law Firms

Private investigators and law firms collaborate all of the time. It is one of the most common working relationships in the industry of private investigation. Attorneys often rely on private investigators for a smooth and efficient case. Private investigators are a tremendous help to attorneys and make their lives much easier.

How do they achieve this? PIs (sometimes referred to as legal investigators in this context) really help to lighten an attorney’s workload in a case, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Lightening an Attorney’s Workload

Private investigators take on tasks that would usually be an attorney’s and their staff’s responsibility. Furthermore, these specific tasks are especially suited to a private investigator’s skillset. PIs are able to complete these tasks more effectively since they are more experienced when it comes to evidence and its acquisition.

For instance, both entities commonly work on divorce cases. Private investigators can help attorneys with these cases in a number of ways:

  • Looking into claims of adultery and extra-marital affairs
  • Checking a spouses background by, for example, veryfing their income and working hours
  • Uncovering assets or money hidden by a spouse
  • Investigating allegations of child abuse
  • Investigating cases of substance abuse and addiction when a parent is around their children

Private investigators can assist lawyers in a varied number of ways, providing substantial support for their cases. This support can often make the difference between winning and losing a case. Not only could they uncover evidence that would determine the outcome of the case. The workload PIs can take off of attorneys empowers them to focus on aspects of the case their specific skills are most necessary for. Enabling them to do a better job and make a more efficient use of their time.

Versatile Investigative Services

The skillset mentioned above isn’t only applicable to divorce cases. One of the main advantages of hiring a private investigator, particularly a legal investigator, is that they can help with a huge number of cases. PIs work on a wide and diverse array of cases. For example, child custody cases, another delicate and serious matter where stakes are high.

Private investigators can look into family histories, finances, previously unknown spouses and/or children, undisclosed criminal convictions or conduct, assets and legal obligations. What’s more, finding information like this is a task especially suited to PIs. They can perform these tasks more faster and more effectively than an attorney can. Boosting the overall efficiency of a case on many levels, both in an investigative capacity and freeing up attorneys for their more pressing responsibilites.

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