How Private Investigators Help Attorneys

Being an attorney is a very challenging job. Their work demands a lot of them on many levels. At its most basic there is the difficulty of having to fulfil their client’s interests. All this whilst fighting the often uncooperative disposition and behaviour of a case subject. This can happen when attempting to serve said subject or even when attempting to locate a witness. As well as, when seeking out an expert witness testimonial.

What private investigators can do to help an attorney is complete these tasks, among many others. They can take a significant portion of the burden off of a complex case. These services give attorneys the opportunity to focus on their success in court.

So What Can Private Investigators Do for Attorneys?

Surveillance is a big part of many private investigator’s work. It is important to keep in mind when hiring a PI, what type of person they are going to be keeping tabs on. What is the subject’s situation and why is it necessary to use surveillance. For example, there could be cases in which the person in question is in hiding. Are they under witness protection? Is this a child custody case? Private investigators need to be able to think on their feet in this context, as well as, showcase highly developed situational awareness. When it comes to surveillance, there is no better person for an attorney to go to than a private investigator.

Background checks are also very important for most cases. They are particularly important when interviewing witnesses, to ensure their reliability and they that they are being forthcoming about their situation. What is special about a private investigator’s background check, aside from what perhaps a regular recruiter might do, is that they can be exceptionally fast and efficient. With access to their databases they can quickly find information on someone for a case at a moment’s notice. Additionally they will be able to present it in a professional format, and one ready for use in court.

Witness Statement Acquisition and Service of Process

These two services are exceptionally important for attorneys, and one of the most prominant services private investigators can offer them.

Hiring a private investigator for witness statement acquisition can save an attorney a lot of time and money. Attorneys spend a significant number of hours preparing for court and adapting to their clients needs. A private investigator can help provide them with information and witness statements necessary for the case. Leaving attorneys the time to focus on their case without having to delegate essential tasks such as this one.

The service of process is one of the most important and frequent jobs private investigators get when collaborating with attorneys. It is often the case that people will take on just a sherif’s office to serve someone. This, unfortunately, also tends to lead to failed servings, which can be a waste of important time and resources for both an attorney and their client. Employing a private investigator to serve someone from the get-go is the best decision in these cases. As the failed serving is avoided, leading to a much more efficient operation for everyone.

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