How Do Private Investigators Acquire Information for a Case

How Do Private Investigators Acquire Information for a Case?

One of the primary responsibilities of a private investigator is acquiring information in preparation for a case. In this article, we will cover what kind of information they tend to provide for their clients, such as, attorneys. And how they acquire said information.

An Attorney might hire a private investigator for a number of reasons. Among the most important is how much time they can save them in a case. Valuable time they could instead spend prepping for their own client.

Private investigators can support attorneys by collecting evidence, finding witnesses, and serving papers. They can then prep this information efficiently for court with due process, so that it is admissible.

Types of information private investigators have access to

A PI is able to access a wide variety of information and data, and if they don’t have access to it they know how to find the right channels. So what type of information might they help with?

  • Confidential and telephone information: PIs can trace confidential information from parties involved in an active case they are working on. They can also access network databases for other related telephone records. This kind of data is essential to building any case. It can reveal who a particular party has been communicating. Additionally, they can utilize this data to triangulate someones actions; which can then lead to expose motivations.
  • Telephone record transcripts: recorded telephone call transcripts are often available to PIs too. If they are relevant to the case, they can be instrumental in revealing a questionable parties actions or motivations.
  • Financial information: It can be crucial to keep track of a company’s or individual’s asset information. Access to said data can give insight into potential motives for specific actions during a given case. Cases can often start due to the financial gain or loss of a particular party. Asset acquisitions can also contribute to the beginning of a case. Private investigators can gain access to this and help turn your case around.
  • Value and asset analysis: Besides gaining access to said financial information, PIs can analyze companies’ assets and value. This can help determine if they are related to any questionable parties. They can also help to track a company’s recent activities, sales and acquisitions. Staying on top of all of this can help to significantly strengthen a case.

What if this information is not readily available?

This depends on the circumstances of the case, but if it’s relevant PIs can request confidential information. That aside, they have access to a plethora of databases with public records. In addition, private investigators are able to collect first hand evidence or conduct interviews with witnesses in order to gather more intel. All of these factors together can contribute to the base of a solid case.

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