How a Private Investigator Can Help With Your Child Custody Case

How a Private Investigator Can Help With Your Child Custody Case

Child custody is a very serious matter. Cases like these involve an arduous path and a huge risk to both parties. Psychologically, emotionally and economically. Both parties, and the court involved, seek to prioritize the children’s best interest. This is what would usually drive and determine who gets custody, and on what terms.

Private investigators can make a real difference in a case. They can sway the outcome by providing crucial evidence.

How Does a Private Investigator Go About Helping Your Case?

Evidence: Digital forensics are incredibly important to a lot of cases, and can be even more so for child custody. Combined with surveillance, which we’ll be discussing below, these can really sway a case. Evidence provided to court can include phone records, text messages, emails, voicemails, social media posts and more. Evidence like this can be pivotal to deciding who gets custody in a given case.

The use of surveillance is common, and a vital form of evidence in child court cases. Usually associated with adultery or infidelity cases. But in child custody cases, surveillance can make a huge difference and provide incredibly important evidence. A PI can use Surveillance to make sure a parent holds to the agreed-upon visitation rights. It can also provide evidence concerning dangerous, questionable or illegal activity.

Interviewing witnesses for a case is central to any case, but particularly important in child custody. Witnesses can be related to the parents and children in a variety of ways. They can range from neighbors, teachers, coworkers, family friends, school friends, extended family, baby sitters to psychologists or councillors. Interviewing witnesses can shed light on parents’ claims or side of the story. Said interviews can support their claims or negate them. And help paint a bigger picture of who the parents are, how they live their lives and take care of their children.

Background Checks

Background checks make up a large part of child custody cases. They help provide further evidence and character information. A solid background check can determine if a parent is fit to take care of their child, and if they have the adequate means to do so. Background checks are not limited to the parents, however. They can be incredibly important in corroborating information from witnesses, and confirming that said witnesses, and their claims, are legitimate. Overall, background checks help bring out information. Information that showcases whether a child is in an abusive household, or if they are being neglected.

Assets: Keeping track of a parent’s assets is important. Someone needs to determine who needs to pay child support, and what the appropriate amount is. A private investigator can keep track of this, by checking both parents assets. Additionally, they can find out if a parent’s stated assets are accurate. Which would help determine what amount they ought to pay, and if they are paying said support.

A private investigator can be absolutely essential in a child custody case because they provide crucial evidence, and can turn the tide. Following said case, they also ensure the terms determined at court are followed.

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