hiring a private investigator in long island

Hiring a Private Investigator in Long Island

Hiring a private investigator can be an easy yet meticulous search. With Long Island being the longest and largest Island in the Conterminous United States, the search for a very good private investigator can become tiring because, though there are many private investigators, only a few are highly trained, skilled and experienced professionals.

Employing the assistance of a private investigator in some divorce cases may seem a little overboard. But, the many roles private investigations play in divorce cases cannot be overemphasized. Hiring an expert to dig out several unsolved mysteries and specific evidence can go a long way in protecting a person’s financial and legal interests.

The Importance of Hiring a Private Investigator

In divorce cases, there are numerous roles a private investigator plays. Basically, for a spouse suspected of adultery, the fastest and most effective means to gather such information is through the employ of a private investigator. To win child custody cases, proof of the spouse engaging in unlawful activities such as drug abuse, child abuse, alcoholism, and infidelity even in the presence of the kids, has to be gotten and what better means to achieve this than by hiring a private investigator?

The importance of hiring a private investigator can be summed up into one word; verification. Whether it is a case of hidden assets by the spouse, or abuse, or even to impact the calculation of support, a private investigator is the best bet in collecting and verifying this information.

Methods Applied by Private Investigators

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A private investigator can be likened to a secret eye that sees what others do not see. No wonder their alternatively called private eyes. They undertake investigatory law services using very discreet means. Methods applied by these discreet professionals may include:

Undercover methods: In order to fish out hidden information, private investigators pose as someone else. This method is very essential in building cases against the spouse in question.

Surveillance methods: They may also tail the spouse in question by taking pictures and videos, thereby having records and evidence of illicit activities of the spouse.

These methods are applied to achieve one goal; to garner information and analyze them into a very compelling and evoking evidential report.

What You Should Do Before Choosing a Private Investigator

Before hiring a private investigator, the knowledge of privacy laws is an important factor to delve into. This prevents you from facing criminal prosecution such as harassment, trespassing, and worse charges.

The best option in choosing a private investigator would be to talk with your lawyer before doing so. Since some family law firms have connections with and very useful information on private investigators, your lawyer can be of great help in choosing a licensed, experienced, trained, trustworthy and reliable investigator. Legal assistance is very crucial in choosing the best and most committed private investigator.

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Consultation and Conclusion of Services With a Private Investigator

Consultations with a private investigator are usually held under very strict conditions. The client is to be very open and willing to share all information they have on the subject, no matter how irrelevant it may seem. Discussions on the need for the private investigator, estimates, and charges are also very important. As soon as the investigator is through with the services, reports and findings are to be given to the client.

It is important to note at this juncture that in as much as the services of private investigators are important in divorce cases, not all private investigations necessarily expose new or unknown information.

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