Hire a Private Investigator for Child Custody

Hire a Private Investigator for Child Custody

Child custody cases are delicate and often complicated. During a divorce, in particular, they tend to be the most contested aspect of said case. However, in terms of prerequisites, winning a child custody case is fairly simple. All that is necessary is enough proof that the other spouse, for instance, is avoiding parental responsibilities.

Acquiring this evidence, on the other hand, isn’t as simple. That’s exactly why lawyers often hire private investigators to help gather and prep the supporting evidence.

How do private investigators contribute to a child custody case?

Private investigators are specialists in professionally gathering information. Additionally, they are experts in presenting this information to a court in the proper manner. It is also often the case that PIs have had relevant experience in previous careers. Such as law enforcement, or roles in the military and the court of law.

Below we have outlined a number of skills that private investigators use in child custody cases:

  • Witness interviews and background checks
  • Gathering evidence
  • Locating people and property
  • Financial information searches
  • Surveillance services

There is a certain methodology and process that private investigators follow when taking on a case. First, they meet with their client. This is important because they need to know what kind of information you need, what is relevant to your case and what will support it best.

It might be relevant, for example, for a PI to survey a parent during custody visits. Is it possible they are not remaining present during said visits? Are they neglecting the child or even abusing them? PIs can acquire and compile this information to show a judge. This would help convince said judge that the parent is not responsible during their allotted custody.

What evidence can PIs help gather in a given case?

The most relevant information and evidence would include photographic and video surveillance in public spaces. There might be other financial information they could access too, including credit reports to help support certain claims. For example, if they are financially responsible enough to provide for the children.

When PIs gather evidence, this serves to put together an accurate assessment of what a given parent is like. This can, in turn, help to assess whether the parent is providing properly for their child’s needs and if they are suitable to continue this role.

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