Criminal Defense Investigations

Criminal defense investigations need to be thorough. Hiring a private investigator for such a type of investigation can be a great form of support for your case. They are experts in gathering evidence for presentation in court and providing witness statements to attorneys. PIs can also handle any other papers that need serving.

Private investigators can strengthen a criminal defense attorney’s case in several ways. Reviewing police reports and identifying where there might be discrepancies, shortcomings, or gaps in evidence against your client.

An experienced criminal defense investigator can find the proof that you need to strengthen your client’s defense.

The importance of witnesses in criminal defense investigations

Criminal defense attorneys can enlist the services of a private investigator. One of their roles can be, for instance, finding witnesses and evidence to assist the defense team in their efforts to secure an acquittal.

This support is especially useful since attorneys may be too busy building a case to go out and find witnesses themselves. Hence why they may hire a private investigator.

PIs are experts in properly interviewing witnesses, so as to acquire a properly processed statement. They will get the necessary information, conduct the interview professionally and log it accordingly. In other words, making sure it is viable for use as evidence in court.

The right witness can make or break a case, and having their statements properly processed is crucial.

Along with validating theories or strengthening defenses, private investigators can also provide attorneys with education and insights into subjects directly related to the case at hand.

Other roles private investigators excel in

In especially complex cases, attorneys have called on private investigators to review and cross-examine their defenses against evidence from the case.

While Private Investigators perform a wide-ranging review and analysis of the evidence and witnesses, defense attorneys are free to concentrate on the strategies and procedures in court. Moreover, PIs also assist with other related logistical tasks of the litigation.

With this framework, legal investigators equip attorneys with the truth, so that they can steer their clients toward the most favorable resolution.

PIs are also experts at locating individuals and serving them papers accordingly. They can locate witnesses and other relevant parties for a case at hand. Providing any evidence necessary to prove a defense attorney’s client innocent.

Whereas, the opposition will be working hard to find evidence that may convict a given defense attorney’s client.

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