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Coronavirus Risk Reduction

With the fast spread of this Coronavirus, everywhere and everybody is feared to be suspects.  However, it is important to note that regardless of the fear, the virus will keep spreading and the news will seem to get closer by the day. Instead of joining the fear movement, read on to find out preventive measures that can be followed to reduce the risk of endangering yourself to the Coronavirus.

1) Keep healthy distance with everyone

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2m = 6.5ft in the US.

The first main thing that should be known is that the virus is airborne. So, whatever needs to be done to stop the virus from getting to you needs to be an effort made by you. You need to deliberately distant yourself from people who show signs of the virus and maintain that distance no matter the situation. The virus doesn’t announce itself just like any other virus but it travels in the droplets of an infected person. So, the best bet at this moment is to stay indoors but if the need arises for you to go to the outside world, make sure you keep a far distance from possible infected persons.

2) Disinfect all surfaces

Aside from the healthy distance that you need to apply, you also need to disinfect surfaces around your house that are often accessed by you and any other persons. This is important because the virus is said according to WHO (World Health Organization) to live up to nine days outside a host. This means that the virus will keep thriving in your surface unless something is done to stop it. Well, the best way to kill this virus is to make use of alcohol-based disinfectant in cleaning surfaces in your home.

3) Make use of sanitizer

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The preventive measure shouldn’t stop at just disinfecting surfaces but also making use of recommended sanitizer to keep your hands free from the virus. This measure should be strictly followed as the hands is a major entrance for the virus to penetrate the body. This, in turn, means that the rate at which you touch your face should be reduced drastically. If you must touch your face, make sure you have thoroughly washed your hands or sanitized it before doing so.

4) Don’t be too familiar

If you are around anyone that is showing signs of being infected, no matter how related you are with the person, avoid close contact with them. They might be family but you should create a good distance from them to avoid being infected also. Perhaps, If you begin to show signs of being infected, keep calm but don’t refrain from raising an alarm to ensure proper care is being provided for you to help keep others safe. And don’t forget that you can stop the spread by using a face mask that helps to contain the virus.

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No doubt, the most recent news about the virus is not encouraging, however, many scientists and researchers are on the move to provide a cure for this epidemic virus. No one knows when the vaccine to this Coronavirus will be available but all you can do is to religiously follow these procedures to keep yourself and your family safe.

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