Can Private Investigators Help Your Case?

The short answer is yes, of course. What we are answering in this, article is how a private investigator can help you win your case. Attorneys hire private investigators for many reasons, predominantly among them is how effective they are at finding and compiling evidence. And when we say evidence, we mean evidence that a PI has expertly prepped to be admissible in court.

Hiring a private investigator to assist in your case can make the difference between winning or losing said case. Below we have outlined a number of factors partaining to the reasons for hiring a private investigator:

Tracking People Down

Tracking the right people down can make all the difference in the outcome of a case. A private invesetigator can use a variety of techniques and resources to find the people in question.

Tracking down an heir, for example, is incredibly important for lawyers to fulfill their duty when passing on a cleint’s assets to their respective heirs. Finding said heirs isn’t always easy. A private investigator has a variety of methods and resources at their disposal that could serve in finding them.

Finding persons of interest, such as witnesses can be vital to any case. Witnesses may often find themselves in circumstances due to which they would not want to be found, they may have very valid reasons to be in hiding. And because of this they may do a very good job of hiding themselves. A private investigator can focus on finding these people and tracking them down. Consequently freeing up the time of an attorney to spend it on other matters more relevant to their expertise.

Uncovering new or important witnesses. Private investigators don’t just have the capability of tracking people down, but also of making connections to the case at hand. Finding out if other people are connected to a case. This can be achieved with investigative necessitating the use of databases and surveillance work. Not to mention, that this is a rather important factor since the right witness could even close a case.

Finding Assets, Expert Witness Testimonials and Depositions

Assets are a huge part of a lot of cases. Besides inheritance, divorce cases are also a good example in which assets play a very important role. It is not uncommon in a particularly messy divorce for one or more of the parties to have hidden assets. Taking a private investigator on board for the case could lead to a more civil and fair agreement. Since they have the capabilities of finding hidden property or an increase in funds.

An expert witness testimonial is also a service private investgators provide, and one that is highly sought after. This is due to the fact that their expertise can often bring new angles and perspectives on evidence that may be hard to interpret without an expert eye.

Alongside the aforementioned service preparing for a testimony or deposition is also something a private investigator can assist with. They can help an attorney in the preperation for a cross-examination of a witness or other relevant person.

Private investigators and lawyers have been working together for a long time, and they continue to do so. This collaboration has been very successful in closing cases and bringing them to a just end. If you find yourself in need of a licensed private investigator and their particular set of skills, please feel free to call us. Or simply click on this link to get in contact with one of our team members.

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