Can Private Investigators Help With Background Checks?

A background check reveals specific information about an individual or organization. Various types of entities may perform background checks, from private individuals to companies. A background check could involve unveiling information about criminal records in someone’s past, verifying their educational and work history, and so on.

By today’s standards, most people have gone through some kind of background check. When employing someone it is the industry norm to perform a background check when, for example, employing someone new. Companies often do this to make sure they are not liable for bringing unsuitable people onboard. That is to say, background checks are just as much about safety as they are about selecting a qualified employee.

Why do people perform background checks?

Although the most commonly known and used background check is a pre-employment check, there are many other reasons someone might request one.

For instance, there are landlords who might want to have a background check performed on new tenants. A business or private individual may also request a background check on someone the intend on going into business with. This might be particularly relevant for a major deal or merger.

Even romantically, people at times request background checks when dating online with a new partner. They might want to know a bit more about the person before meeting them in person, often to ensure safety.

Background checks are also very common in the court of law. They are often performed on witnesses. Attorneys often employ private investigators for these to avoid surprises during court proceedings, or to reveal unreliable witnesses.

In some instances marriage is a committment that couples request background checks for. PIs at times perform these for new couples to reassure them there are no unexpected or nefarious secrets between them.

Of course, as mentioned earlier pre-employment checks are the most commonly requested and practically a routine practice. Both large and small organizations request these. In some industries, where an employee may regularly interact with vulnerable members of society, background checks are obligatory by law.

Why hire private investigators to perform background checks?

Background checks are very important, especially in the workplace and the court of law. Companies employ private investigators for background checks because of their experience and skillset in this line of work. They are experts in uncovering information by looking through databases, especially sensitive information that someone might want to hide. They are qualified for all kinds of background checks, depending on their specialty. For example, financial record checks, driving license records, criminal records, and so on.

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