Can a Private Investigator Help Obtain Statements From Witnesses

Can a Private Investigator Help Obtain Statements From Witnesses?

One would think that obtaining a statement would be easy. As simple as sitting down with them and interviewing them. That, however, is not always the case. Sometimes things can get messy and challenging.

In some cases, when people might have heat on them, they can become difficult to locate for a number of reasons. They might even be evasive. Then even having managed to locate them, they might not be completely forthcoming. Extracting the necessary information from them might prove difficult too.

With this in mind, we will be discussing ways in which private investigators can help you locate witnesses. As well as, how they can help in obtaining an accurate statement useful for your case.

How private investigators locate witnesses

Attorneys having to drop important work in building a case to locate a key witness can be very disruptive. Hence why many would employ a PI to do this job.

One great thing about hiring a private investigator to locate a witness is that they are experts in finding people. They can collaborate with attorneys and law firms helping them locate witnesses quickly and efficiently.

In skip tracing cases, private investigators are experts at finding witnesses who might not want to be found. Now, locating a witness does not guarantee their practical usefulness in a case. Hence why throughout the process they will conduct interviews with said witnesses. Acquiring said statement helps to gauge how useful they might be to the case.

So who are the most common types of people PIs would assist in finding?

  • Heirs
  • Missing witnesses
  • Family members in adoptive families
  • Old friends
  • Someone who owes money

One of the primary advantages private investigators have at locating witnesses is their access to databases. Information here cross-referenced with public records can be incredibly useful to locate slippery individuals.

Expertise in using social media with towers and satellite pings, for instance, is also a very effective way of locating people. PIs can be very thorough with these tools and help you locate your witness.

How do private investigators conduct witness interviews?

PIs have the skills and experience to interview witnesses in the most effective manner, so as to extract the most relevant information to your case. For example, they are very competent in deploying calming and pressure-relieving tactics. This is important since the act of engaging in a court of law can be very stressful for people.

Furthermore, for a witness, this might go doubly so since they have a direct personal connection to the case. They might even be connected at a very personal level to parties in the case. This can make navigating the process and giving statements difficult for them. Private investigators can help obtain these statements by offering the necessary support to the case, utilizing the aforementioned tactics.

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