5 Reasons to Have A Private Investigator on Speed Dial

5 Reasons to Have A Private Investigator on Speed Dial

To understand the important role private investigators play for people seeking additional information for arduous, here are 5 reasons why people should place private investigators on speed dial

People seldom think the term “PI” short for “private investigator” refers to creepy individuals who sit in cars, clutching binocular pairs, squinting their eyes through lenses to snoop on people in a bid to get grimy information. At least Hollywood has helped in mystifying the profession, making people see PIs as pesky pests.

This is untrue, a private investigator is an individual that possesses a vast amount of experience, usually someone that has retired from law enforcement. This individual can investigate, collect and store sensitive information for various clients.

1. Ability to Locate and Interview Key Witnesses

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A former law enforcement agent or someone who has been trained in law enforcement, the private investigator can locate and interview key witnesses relevant to a case they’re investigating.

To do this, the private investigator will implore tactful strategies to locate and interview key witnesses. They can spend hours driving, and visiting public places, just to find and interview witnesses that are relevant to the case they’re investigating.

2. Ability to find information About A Spouse Committing Infidelity

For instance, you have a spouse that you suspect is committing infidelity, yet you can’t figure out how your spouse commits this infidelity behind your back. Your next cause of action should be proceeding to hire the services of a private investigator.

A PI can build a case, find structures, study patterns, then finally reveal if your earliest suspicions were right. The information the private investigator provides will be useful for you if you intend to confront your cheating spouse or you want to file for divorce.

3. Ability to Run Background Checks

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A private investigator through training possesses the ability to carry out background checks on people they’re investigating. Through this process, they can find evidence of previous or present wrongdoings of the individuals they’re investigating.

The evidence they find can also be admissible in court cases filed by clients that acquired their services. Research shows that the evidence private investigators provide usually assists their clients in winning court cases.

4. Ability to Identify Concealed Assets

Do you suspect a friend, colleague or spouse has undeclared assets? If you do, acquiring the services of a private investigator will provide clarity and requisite information on undeclared assets. They have the ability to dig deep into public records, they also have the unique ability to anonymously trail an investigated party to locations linked to hidden assets.

The ability to discretely acquire information on hidden assets, make private investigators the choice party for clandestine investigations on top Government officials.

5. Access to technology

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You might have this premise that private investigators are old school in their approach. While this is correct, you should note that private investigators conduct investigations in old school fashions but with advanced technology. The art of investigation requires unique techniques by skilled professionals, these techniques are greatly amplified when modern technology is utilized.

Picture it this way, “an old school Nancy Drew using a modern-day piece of Augmented reality technology to carry out her investigations.”

This classical example portrays the level of sophistication private investigators possess. This is why you can conveniently place them on speed dial on the latest smartphone, you can even Skype them if you prefer this option.


Whatever the case may be, a routine case of investigating spouses for infidelity or running clandestine investigations on top Government officials, the private investigator has access to resources that people hiring them do not have.

This is why people are encouraged to have a private investigator on speed dial, you never know when you just might need one.

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