5 Cases Where a Private Investigator Defined the Outcome

5 Cases Where a Private Investigator Defined the Outcome

No doubt, private investigators encounter a lot of cases daily. Ranging from the downright messy to very challenging ones, they usually have to rough it all out. However, the outcome is typically fantastic as they employ a lot of techniques and hours of surveillance that everyone else will rather not do. These hours of dedication have been rewarded numerous times and here are five cases where a private investigator defined the outcome positively.

1. A Wrongful Arrest Case

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Manuel Gomez was first a cop before he became a private investigator. In one of his notable cases, he investigated a wrongful arrest case in 2014 involving a young immigrant from Dominica named Enger Javier. Enger was accused of murder and spent about two years in jail where he was awaiting trial. The young man would have had to spend years suffering for a crime he didn’t commit if Gomez hadn’t taken up the case. Gomez did a lot of digging and discovered surveillance videos which were able to prove that Enger didn’t commit the crime. The court dismissed the charges, and they received $800,000 as settlement.

2. Corporate Fraud Case

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A beer manufacturer noticed that large amounts of inventory were always missing, but he wasn’t able to find out what was going on. He discovered that they always had less money than they were supposed to have after the daily sales. Perplexed, he hired a private investigator to solve the dilemma. The Private investigators used employee surveillance to discover that some employees were smuggling the beer out from the factory secretly. The culprits were tried and given appropriate sentences.

3. The Surveillance Drama

A lawyer had a bizarre issue. Every time he went to court, he lost drastically. It was not due to a lack of preparation. He suspected that there was a leak and hired a private investigator to find out. The private investigator did a bug sweep and discovered two listening devices. One was in the boardroom while the other was in the office of the law partners. With this great discovery, the lawyer was able to prepare adequately for his next court case without any funny surprises waiting.

4. Hidden Assets Case

A lot of cases exist where people claim not to have money to carry out a court judgment, when in fact, they do have. A private investigator handled one of such cases. A client had won the court judgment, and the people meant to pay claimed they did not have funds. The client suspected that they were lying and when he couldn’t prove it himself, he hired a private investigator to help. After doing a detailed asset search, the private investigator discovered hidden bank accounts with thousands of dollars. IThe court seized the funds with a writ of attachment.

5. Search and Rescue

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In a drastic turn of events, the sister of a wealthy businessman had been kidnapped in San Diego, Mexico and the kidnappers sent in a ransom note. Using professional surveillance techniques, a private investigator was able to find out where the lady was held, and together with the law enforcement officers, they were able to rescue her successfully.

These five cases are just a few in the thousands of cases in existence where private investigators defined the outcome positively. This proves that private investigators are indeed essential and could be the difference between winning and losing a lawsuit. So, when you feel like there is no way out, get a private investigator who is ready to put in the extra effort to uncover what everyone else misses.

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